Do You Trust Farmers?

I love Twitter. I mean it’s been the most informative social media that I’ve found other than Youtube. I’ve connectedd with farmers, scientists, agribusinesses, dietitians, and a whole bunch of others across the globe. Seriously, across the globe. It’s a ton of fun to learn about agriculture elsewhere.

One thing I’ve learned through all this interaction is that agriculture is really misunderstood by the average person. A recent conference, Farmers at the Table in Saskatchewan, Canada had a consumer panel that answered various questions about farming and food. It was really enlightening to read the Tweets coming from the farmers and ag folks there.

Only 1/3 of consumers feel that farmers are being transparent – Lindsey Pollard @JustACountryBlog

It’s blogs like this where farmers can really communicate what we do best. It’s hard to reach out and figure out what people don’t know.  I work full time with farms of all sizes and growing up on a dairy farm gives me a pretty good background on what farms really do.

If you have questions about why , what,or how things happen on a farm or even question food labels, I can try to point you in the right direction. Feel free to ask us questions! I’ll make a list of bloggers I enjoy and post them in the next week or two.


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