2018! What’s in store for this next year?

What Worked. What didn’t,

2017 wasn’t a bad year as far as the farm goes. We did get most of our deer fence up, which did help a lot! We found out deer will eat the leaves of cucumber plants. We did okay at our farmer’s market in Marion. We had some great seedlings in February until a thunderstorm drove our crazy dog to destroy about a third of them. That was fun! Ugh.

Weather is always a factor and we had hoped to mitigate dry weather by installing drip irrigation which worked for the most part. We just need to make a few tweaks to make it better.

2018 plans

Kevin has been working really hard in getting a greenhouse up that we bought over 2 years ago.  To date, it’s almost done, well the structure is almost done. Then the work inside begins!

Another change we are contemplating is moving our Marion market to Wednesday nights from 4-7. We have more vendors that would rather come on Wednesday nights than Saturdays, so we’ll see how this works. Look for more announcements.


Blogging plans: I’m going

to be much more intentional about posting. When I started I thought this blogging thing would just happen. Haha, boy was I wrong. I need to plan content and invest in some equipment like a tripod for my phone and some camera lenses for the phone. Yes, they make those!


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