Never too busy to read, right?

Too busy to read?

Reading has always been a past time I’ve really enjoyed, so much so that my mom had to limit my reading when I was in junior high. I wish I had that kind of time now to read, but let’s face it being a busy and involved adult doesn’t leave a lot of time to read. I’ve contemplated audio books, but haven’t quite leapt into that yet.

Lately, I’ve renewed an interest in books revolving around food and agriculture. Go figure, right? What spurred this renewed interest? To be honest, it wasn’t me saying, “Oh yay! Let’s read non-fiction!”   Uh no, not even close. So what got me motivated?  On Wednesday nights there is a Twitter chat #AgBookClub . Whoa, backup, what’s a Twitter chat?

What the world is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is where at a set time and day that people on Twitter talk about certain topics. I am involved in at least 3 of them throughout the week. I’ll blog about my experiences with Twitter chats at another time.

Back to the book club. If you go to you can read more about what we are reading. Each month is a new book and my friend, Grace runs or has a guest run the chat. Feel free to join us there! I’d love to see my local friends join us!

Book Club??? Say yes, please!

Using this chat and book club as a template, I’m wondering would any other like to join me in holding a book club in real life? I’m thinking one or two books a year tops. I’m just too busy.  I have some ideas of where and when and which book to start.

I’d like to start with something easy and something that connects us all together. I really like Michele Payn’s “No More Food Fights”.  But I’m open to other thoughts.

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