My dad’s 10 pt. His first 10 pt ever.

It’s been a long while since I’ve written for the blog. There’s been a lot that happened in the 6 + months since I last posted. Not even going to try to recap anything.  Just going to start from this point and be consistent.

My family is beyond involved in deer hunting. My dad is responsible for that. Well mom too for supporting this sport that’s consumed their entire married life every November. And then ice fishing in the winter.   

Dad involved us in hunting since we were excited that he was excited. I mean we watched from the then living room window seeing if dad ran out of his blind to gut his deer. We also fought over whose turn it was to go out with him after school or on weekends. 

As we grew up, we hunted as soon as we were of age. Bowhunting was new for both him and us, mainly for dad. We laugh a lot over how many deer we tracked in that swamp between the field across the road from the farm and M-115 and how many died head first in that creek and how many boots we filled with water crossing that creek. Lots of great memories of our family and deer hunting. 

That’s changing. No we are continuing to hunt, that’s not the problem. Dad has dementia. He knows he has it and knows he can’t remember, but he can’t help it. That’s why this deer is so special. We don’t know what the next year or even tomorrow brings. But I’ll be forever thankful that he got this beautiful deer and that he remembers that this is his first 10 pt. 

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