Thank you & Happy New Year

Kevin and I want to thank you for supporting our little farm! So what’s in store for 2019?

  • Offer more vegetables earlier now that the greenhouse is operational
  • Add another greenhouse
  • Add a stand at my parent’s farm on 20 Mile Rd and M115 with a fridge so that we can keep things fresh
  • grow some vegetables at their farm, not sure what yet!
  • Jodi would like to offer more flowers, but that means she’s gotta weed them too!
  • We brought you fruit from farms that Jodi met while visiting other farms. Hopefully we can build a business agreement with those orchards and growers to bring you fruit more consistently
  • More videos on how to cook some of the goofier stuff we sell.
  • Actually post more than once a quarter on the blog.

If you have other ideas let us know. If you’d like to pilot a CSA share with us we’d be open to it but haven’t put in a ton of thought into it yet.

It’s a new day in a new year, so set your goals like we have and see how far you can reach for those goals. We’d love to hear what your goals are for this year. Hopefully we’ll all have as much fun as we did in 2018. #ThankYou2018 #HappyNewYear2019

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