About US

Kevin and Jodi have been farming/gardening  in 2012. Not really fully committing to growing large quantities till 2013. The couple were married in 2014 and since then they’ve been slowly expanding to the full 5 acres that the couple owns.

Jodi is native to Marion, Michigan. She grew up on the dairy farm on the corner of M115 and 20 Mile Road. Her parents have since retired from dairy farming, but Jodi still milks very part time for a neighboring farmer. She works full time at the Missaukee Conservation District as the MAEAP technician for Missaukee, Wexford, Kalkaska, and Crawford counties.

Kevin grew up near Pinconning, Michigan. He transplanted himself to Roscommon working as quality engineer in one of the automotive plants there. He transitioned to working in the construction arena before coming to Marion and has embraced farming since.

Improvements since 2012:

  • Adding more varieties of vegetables and more varieties of certain vegetables like tomatoes where Kevin once grew up to 25 varieties !
  • Learning to grow in our 40 x 50 greenhouse effectively.
  • drip irrigation.
  • 7ft fence around 2.5 acres to keep the deer out.

Future plans:

  • adding the other half of the greenhouse
  • buying a plastic mulch/planter attachment
  • Buying a good used Ford 8n tractor

We have lots of ideas on how to improve but would love to hear your ideas.